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Me, fluxbox and the images

This whole thing started 2003 on my university's webspace that was free to use, pretty much the same time I started using linux and fluxbox as my main system and not as the "second" OS beside Windows(tm) (Fuck yeah, I know it's only a kernel -- smartass).

At that time windowmanagers and desktop environments were not what people are used to nowadays. Quite a bunch of themes looked really limited from my point of view and windowmanagers usually all looked quite the same. Colors were different but the styles and themes looked identically in shape, not that this was bad. At that time people used plain windowmanagers to gain speed. That was my intention to try fluxbox.

Fluxbox added support for images-based styles about one month after I started to fiddle around with styles. I personally used it later, because at that time I wasn't keen enough to use anything that sounds similar to "dev-version". So changing colors and integers for existing styles was my way.

As soon as images were introduced in the stable release, I started to learn how to not even customize styles made by others but also make my own. At that time the look was rather important to me.

I more and more came in contact with the "open source" way of thinking and well, what seemed to be more obvious than sharing my styles with the masses, in the confidence that I'm not really a coder but really wanted to be part of it somehow :-).

I used to provide my styles on a site called "fluxmod.dk", the first real community for fluxbox, but after some server crashes I started to fill up my own site just to keep sure not to lose the data again. I didn't really had a domain only my public directory on the university's server.

That's it actually. The styles I made over the years just grew in count, I made several wallpapers and other graphical stuff that now is hosted on http://10r.deviantart.com and I finally bought tenr.de, the domain that gave the site its name.

Well, last but not least ... that's me in person (those images are rather old though :-) ): me one and me two.

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Getting in contact with me is easy. Several ways are provided:

If you need help getting a style up or if you have questions regarding styles and/or how to make them, feel free to interrupt my work :-).