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Fluxbox 1.3.5 is out.

2013 02 13

Get your newest version of fluxbox from http://www.fluxbox.org/download

Happy fluxboxing.

Fluxbox 1.3.4 is out.

2013 02 10

Get your newest fbox from http://www.fluxbox.org/download

Happy fluxboxing.

It's not dead - neither am I.

2013 01 31

Just for the record, this site is still up and working :-D

I*m gonna get rid of the news on the first page and tidy things up a bit in the future, BUT I AM STILL THERE, believe me.

Fluxbox 1.3.2 released.

2011 10 30

Yes, it's true, the next stable version was released to the masses.
Thanks to the fluxbox team for making it happen.
Get your newest fbox from http://www.fluxbox.org/download

Happy fluxboxing.

Oh no, not this time.

2011 09 07

It's time to update my age ... and this time right ON the day of my birthday.
Echoing $Tenner after previously incrementing it, results in the output of 34, just in case someone asks :-)

Happy birthday to me,

Three wallpapers and a style.

2011 06 30

It took me quite a while to get something new up, but it happens from time to time.

After some fiddling in the GIMP I came up with:


Here comes Fluxbox 1.3.1.

2011 02 27

And it comes with somem bugfixes. Get the source here:


What was done? Here it is:

  • Fix for not hiding submenus if menuDelay is set.
  • Fix crash when moving transient windows (Dialogs) between Workspaces, #3088856.
  • Fix crash when SystemTray was rotated 90/270 deg, #3188223.
  • Fix potential crash when gettting an UnmapEvent before a FocusEvent.
  • Fix potential crash on accessing NULL-pointer.
  • Fix wrong width calculation of Systemtray, #3150939.
  • Fix initial placement of WindowMenu, #2731524.
  • Fix incorrectly shown alpha values in Menus, #3187373.
  • Fix render 'sunken' Textures correctly.

May it fix your problems.

Fluxbox 1.3 is out.

2011 02 19

Yes, it finally happened. The next stable version was released. Get the source here:


It took around 1.5 years to get it up, but it's worth updating to the new version.

Have fun,

Working over the site.

2011 02 12

The content was not changed, not so the site. I've chosen green to be my color.

Good luck,

Let's face the truth.

2010 09 27

I missed to update my age, which should have happened three week ago.

I absolutely lack time to fill in any content on a regular base. Only the playlist will be altered automatically. Things might change in the future, who knows. This site is not dead yet, just frozen :-)

Have fun,

Oh, noes. It happened again.

2009 09 07

Happy Birthday to me.

Quick additions.

2009 05 10

New Styles added: darkmatter, mute, needles.

Plus two new simple wallpapers:


Have fun.

It updates faster than I thought.

2009 05 02

Well, I promised more things to come and here they are. I had to fix some of the CSS stuff, since it looked fucked up using the Internet Explorer. Not that I care a lot about it, but well.

Besides that, I also have a fancy news-feed icon in the top right corner now, getting mainstream as you can see.

Furthermore there are several styles that were made for geek00L and the predecessor of the HeX liveCD from the raWPacket Security Team.
He gave his OK to put them on this site, so here they are: icicle_open, icicle, cup, mydefcon_6, mydefcon_5, mydefcon_4, mydefcon_3, mydefcon_2, mydefcon_1.

The next post might take a bit longer, but I alreay have new things to work on.
Have fun.

Surrendering to the dark side.

2009 05 02

NO! I am not changing to windows(tm). I am just talking about this website. You may have noticed some little visual changes though the content was not touched.

Anyway, there were two new Styles added: teriaki and sunlense.

Also, I added three simple wallpaper to my deviantart account. Check them out here if you want:


Even if I might repeat myself, but I'm going to update this site more often, I was kind of stunned when I looked at the date of the last posting.

Again, more to come.

Two new styles and some wallpapers added.

2008 12 05

It has been a while since something happened here but I was busy with work and real life.
There are about 15 new styles that were made for the HeX liveCD from the raWPacket Security Team and its predecessor; although those are not to be released (yet, who knows :-) ).

But I still had some unfinished work here that I finally brought to an end. New Styles added: tec, clumsy_blue.

I also made a new wallpaper with several variations in color, hosted on my deviantart account:


and I have a new screenshot to show off, if someone is intereseted: http://10r.deviantart.com/art/shot-december-2008-105389214

Well, that's it for now.
More to come.


2008 09 07

Happy Birthday to me.

Fluxbox is out with some bugfixes.

2008 09 04

1.1.0 had some minor issues which are fixed with this release.

md5sum: 6f5aa590058a39bc1cfdbe38b092e2b3

md5sum: 421366dbb21592196b5dde6c8ea11229

Fluxbox 1.1.0 is out!

2008 09 02

More than a year passed by. Long enough to release the next stable version of fluxbox.

md5sum: ad6656594f013cf818b989a5708b71c9

md5sum: b9fc486c1abeea0ad91c77439c20b092

See the list of what's new.

Download and test it. Fluxbox 1.1.0 comes with lots of new features and bugfixes. Better try it before it's out.

New irssi theme and 3 styles.

2008 08 15

New Styles added: bead, aluminium, eliteforce.

I also made one new irssi theme called "calm". I felt like making a fresh one, maybe someone likes it. You might want to check the .Xdefaults file (also in the snippets section) and look for "colorset3 (sloppy)" to get the colors right.

A special wallpaper and a funny coincidence.

2008 06 12

Even though this looks like a blog, I can ensure you it's not...yet.

Ok, you all know that little MacOS X walls, that blue abstract, overlayed with white, blurry thingies, erm things. Well, someone was wondering how they are made, without spending hours on adjusting layer modes (he tried it in photoshop, some application i don't claim to like very much). I showed him how to bring up that simple background using a wonderful open source project called inkscape. It took me something about 10 minutes plus some minutes tuning in the GIMP. You all can dignify the result at http://10r.deviantart.com/art/abstract-blue-88572288. Don't be to frugal with your NICE comments on it :-D.

Well, just kidding. What was actually really making me grin is, that in the beginning of the year, I ran into an incredibly nice site, that offers great turorials about using inkscape. In this particular case I'm talking about http://screencasters.heathenx.org/episode-053/, which describes exactly what I did to achieve the wallpaper.

This is not funny at all some might say, but...some of those some might also remember the site http://www.linuxreality.com. A site that used to offer nifty podcasts for linux beginners. One cast was about fluxbox (hey I was mentioned :-) ) in a series of the most common windowmanagers. The site's logo was somehow created by heathenx and Richard Querin or least they seem to have been heavily involved in creating it. Those two guys actually are the guys, who run http://screencasters.heathenx.org, the site that has the tutorial, showing how to make those Mac OS X wallpapers, which is the topic of this post here.

Ok, comes out rather boring, reading throught it a second time if you don't remember all bits but at least you have learned about a great site dedicated to inkscape.

So, thank you for reading, I'm tenner.

Adding the styles made for fluxbox 1.0.

2008 06 09

New Styles added: arch, bloe, bora_black, bora_blue, bora_green, zimek_bisque, zimek_darkblue, zimek_green.

This seems to be strange somehow since all those styles should come with an install from your distro's repositories but just in case they don't.

Three new styles and some fresh walls on deviantart.

2008 06 08

New Styles added: shiniesky, invisible, cursed.

I also made some wallpapers from an image I really was hoarding for years now. Actually it's the same wall with different backgroundcolors but take a look yourself. If you like ants, this might be something suitable:


Together with the new style, my desktop sort of looks green now :-) http://10r.deviantart.com/art/shot-june-87980032.

Furthermore I have uploaded some of the old wallpapers to deviantart. Since they were normally on my website, they are gone with the new version:


Have fun with it :-).

Hell there, what happened?

2008 06 05

New Styles added: carbonium_yellow, carbonium_red, carbonium_pink, carbonium_orange, carbonium_green, carbonium_blue, carbonit.

Hello again, the site looks different? Yes it does. I changed the layout a bit again. I didn't feel comfortable with the first one and since this only took ~15 minutes, it was done quite fast.

Anyway, i put the little "space_dapp howto" back online again. Some might remember it. If not, then go there and check it out. This might be the uber-application you've always been searching for.

Furthermore I added one wallpaper to my deviantart account. I guess I should upload more. There still are some unfinished images.

News-Feed available again.

2008 05 23

If you want then you can get the RSS-Feed for tenr.de now. web_button_rss

One style was added and searching is enabled again.

2008 05 22

New Style added: trinity.

This style was around for quit a big time, really found it by accident. Since the development version supports different border-colors for focused and unfocused windows now, this was ready to be finished.

Also the little search option was put online again on the style-page. This was basicly made for personal purposes, but obviously some really miss it :-). You can try it here with something like "blue" or "green" or any other color. That's the way i like to use it.
Another thing added is the "wall of styles", which just shows all styles from this site at once.

Besides that the litte "how to use space_dapp" text was added to the howtos on the snippets page.

Some styles were added.

2008 05 16

New Styles added: limish, greeworks, ginfizz, cobalt, blueworks, camo2.

Those styles were originally done for a project called "fluxbuntu". I jumped off the ship due to lack of time, but it still exists. From what I've heard it's not dead, just slowly moving. i'm quite curious about the further progress.
Searching for some info i stumbled upon the group head's blog http://blog.joejaxx.org ...I can tell you it's highly annoying after 5 minutes but for fuck's sake, is's really funny to play around with it 8).

New site, different colors, different idea, welcome to the blockworld.

2008 05 13

Hello folks, tenr.de went back to activity.

As you can see the site was stripped down radically, stripped down to what seemed important to me. Fluxbox styles are still and always will be part of it, but things like the wallpapers and screenshots have gone from the site.
Those are now at my account on deviantart.com (http://10r.deviantart.com). I thought it might be a better idea to let them do it, since that's what they do.
My resource files are available as always, so is the stuff related to fluxbox. Well just explore the site, it's not too big :-).
For those who might miss the news feed (if even anyone recognized or used it), let me know and i'll include it again.

Things that are in line to get up are some styles, a makeover of the "fluxbox style howto" and some of the old news that are worth to put them in somewhere.

That means the old site is gone and it won't come back.

That's it so far, might be more to come,

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