Fluxbox Styles.

The styles below were created over the years using flubox (http://fluxbox.org) due to few styles I really liked to use.
Something special to say might be that I'm one of a very small group of people which don't only release their work under an open licence, but also provide the source files for it.

Source files im my case means, every styles that one can download from this site contains the .xcf file for the gimp (http://gimp.org), something that might be useful to get modifications done more easily or making ports a snap or to show how certain things are achieved in styles, such as buttons or background images. A short peek into that file might help. It's located in pixmaps/.

Honestly, this seems to be quite disconcerting to lots of people, but I dislike the attitude of those "oh-so-great" theme creators.
Making a style or theme and keep all files back to reveice credits and let people beg for the sources is not what I understand in the word "open".

My opinion though, but prove me wrong.

Something addidional:
Nightly tarball of all styles from this site: tenr.de-styles-pkg.tar.bz2
All styles from the deceased fluxmod.dk: fluxmod-styles-pkg.tar.bz2

Show all styles from this site on the wall of styles.


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